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Opensource Enthusiast. Stackoverflow contributor. I am a coder by job and I love Android and RoR.


I crave for a pixel perfect design. Though coding is my job, designing has been my passion.


I am not a classy writer. But taking time to share what I know, feels good. I generally write about UX.


Cric Nights Beta

An Elegantly designed app for Cricket lovers. Folow your favorite cricket matches with this android app.

This app provides you with the informations and news from and around the cricket world.

Device Framer

Have Screenshots which has to be shared or to be used in your Promotional Websites? Have Conceptual Designs or Mock-ups which has to be framed? Use Device Framer and Frame them easily and quickly. Share it with your friends, Upload it to Google Drive or Save to your Smartphone.

Device Framer is ultimate companion app for Android Developers and Designers. App Incorporates multiple features and elegant simple UI to carry out your tasks.

SMS Texter

SMS Texter is A Multi-Functional SMS Manager and Texting App, That’s Gonna Power Your Texting Experience. The App is designed with much elegance and has Rich and Stunning UI to provide a Colorful SMS experience.

The App has multiple features for handling SMS like
  Blocker - Block Unwanted SMS either by keyword or incoming number
  Scheduler - Allows You To Schedule or Task Your SMS Messages
  Responder - Respond To Incoming Calls Via SMS
  Counter - Records Statistics Of Your SMS Log And Displays them in Chart View
  Limiter - Allows to set Daily Outgoing SMS Limit
  >Back-Up Your SMS

Movie Addict

A premier app for movie news, trailers and updates. Mainly focussing on Kollywood and south indian cinema.

We bring you the hot and latest news happening in the cine industry. Keep track of trailer releases of your favourite actor movies, get to know the stories behind the making of your favourite films and lot more.

This app will entertain you with the latest happenings from cine industry. We currently focus on Kollywood and south indian cine news but soon we will focus on hollywood and other cine industries.

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